What We Do

Strategic Counsel

We know Washington. We know the players – and what it takes to get things done. We know where the landmines are – and how to avoid them. Our team can help you navigate Washington (and state capitals) to strategically position your industry, cause or campaign with the right audiences.

  • General strategic advice
  • Communications strategy and message development
  • Developing your campaign/outreach plan

Issue and Campaign Management

We know campaigns — whether it is a presidential race, a ballot initiative, or a fight against privatizing Social Security.  STG can help develop and implement a comprehensive blueprint for victory – pursuing smart strategies and executing creative tactics that deliver real results.

  • Coalition building
  • Identifying the target audience
  • Issue research and message development
  • Communications strategy and execution
  • Online engagement
  • Marshaling your grassroots supporters for victory


We know how to deliver messages. From traditional media to digital and social media, we help you synthesize complex issues into a simple, compelling message. Crafting the right message is crucial, but it’s just the first step. Our deep understanding of today’s fragmented media landscape means our clients’ message gets delivered to the right people, in the right way, through the right channel.

  • Message development, communications planning and strategic advice
  • Delivering the message through story pitches, local media events, op-eds, reports and other creative tactics
  • Media training
  • Speechwriting
  • Crisis communications

Development and Fundraising

We have built and executed the most successful fundraising campaigns in American political history. We help foundations, charities, and causes expand their bases of support and exceed their development goals. With contacts in every state and virtually every industry, we can help expand your base, and maximize the generosity of your donor base. We work with you to build a smart, strategic fundraising program — identifying the targets and how they should be approached, establishing the right expectations and follow up process. We design a donor services structure that strengthens the relationship you have with your supporters for the long haul.

  • Strategic counsel:
    • Developing detailed fundraising plans
    • Identifying and targeting potential donor audiences
    • Training and advice on how to make your pitch – and how to follow up
    • Innovative online fundraising strategies
  • Direct fundraising and development:
    • Executing the plan by fundraising directly on your behalf
    • Leveraging our contacts to expand your donor base

Campaign Operations

At our core we are campaign architects. We have over two decades of experience in building strong internal campaign structures designed to streamline campaign decision-making and strategies. Whether they are small or large, all campaigns have immediate operational and logistical needs. With our campaign expertise, STG can seamlessly complement your existing structure or help you build it from the ground up.

  • Campaign budget development and execution
  • Assisting with the launch of a campaign or maintaining the infrastructure for the long haul
  • Campaign finance compliance
  • Meeting whatever other administrative and business operations needs you have

Digital Strategy

In today’s fractured media landscape, Twitter and Facebook are displacing front pages and TV screens as our source of news. Where others see a fragmented environment, with its challenges for cutting through the clutter to drive a message, STG sees an opportunity to get around the filters of traditional media, and reach your audiences directly.

STG brings expertise in the latest digital strategies and tools.  We build online campaigns that lead to offline victories. We listen to clients to help them find tools that fit — social, email, mobile and more — and lay out plans to engage and mobilize the supporters they need to succeed.

  • Social strategy and content
  • Website design and development
  • Digital organizing and campaigning
  • Digital advertising
  • Digital fundraising

Event Management

From state dinners to roundtable policy discussions to local and national media events, our experienced team delivers professional first-class events that accomplish your goals.  Whether it is a major fundraising dinner or a three day policy conference, we can help you seamlessly plan and execute a successful event.

  • Designing and planning your event
  • Making sure that the event plan supports your overall strategic goals
  • Executing the plan and coordinating the logistics up to – and including – the event date

Grasstops and Grassroots Engagement

Often the only way to get heard in Washington is to get heard outside Washington. STG can help you channel the power of a grassroots campaign by creating an echo chamber. We help find and engage local activists, organizations, and institutions who will kick up dust and bring attention to your cause — in townhall meetings, local media events, phone calls to elected officials, and more. Our team built some of the largest, most effective field and grassroots campaigns in history.

  • Developing a field and grassroots strategy
  • Identifying core supporters and persuadables
  • Engaging your target audience by phone, mail, social networks and person-to-person contact
  • Building local media events