Strategists with political, issue, and advocacy expertise

    Founded by two of President Obama’s senior campaign architects, STG brings together a unique team of seasoned political and public affairs professionals who have operated at the top levels of politics and government. STG takes a 360° approach to building campaigns for our clients. From development and fundraising to strategy to day-to-tactics and implementation, we put together complete programs designed to do one thing: win.
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    Julianna Smoot

    Julianna Smoot

    Having been a key player in both of President Obama’s campaigns, his Administration, and the successful effort to reclaim the U.S. Senate in 2006, Julianna Smoot is widely regarded as one of the country’s top political operatives and the most successful fundraiser in American political history. Keep reading …

    Paul Tewes

    Paul Tewes

    Paul Tewes is well known as one the foremost political operatives in the country, having spent two decades developing and implementing successful candidate and issue campaigns across the country. Keep reading …

    Strategic Counsel

    Our team can help you navigate Washington (and state capitals) to strategically position your industry, cause or campaign with the right audiences.

    Issue and Campaign Management

    STG can help develop and implement a comprehensive blueprint for victory — pursuing smart strategies and executing creative tactics that deliver real results.


    Our deep understanding of today’s fragmented media landscape means our clients’ message gets delivered to the right people, in the right way, through the right channel.

    Development and Fundraising

    We have built and executed the most successful fundraising campaigns in American political history, and we want to put that experience to work for you.

    Campaign Operations

    All campaigns have immediate operational and logistical needs. With our campaign expertise, STG can seamlessly complement your existing structure or help you build it from the ground up.

    Digital Strategy

    We build online campaigns that lead to offline victories. We listen to clients to help them find tools that fit — social, email, mobile and more — and lay out plans to engage and mobilize the supporters they need to succeed.

    Event Management

    Whether it is a major fundraising dinner or a three day policy conference, we can help you seamlessly plan and execute a successful event.

    Grasstops and Grassroots Engagement

    We help find and engage local activists, organizations and institutions, who will kick up dust and bring attention to your cause — in townhall meetings, local media events, phone calls to elected officials, and more. Our team built some of the largest, most effective field and grassroots campaigns in history.